A simple and free Pinboard app

Read, add and manage your Pinboard bookmarks with ease. No frills, just the basics done well.

“It’s super fast, has a decent share extension, supports 1Password, makes it easy to search for things in your bookmarks list — try typing in multiple tags; it works flawlessly – and even supports Split View multitasking on iPad.”– The Sweet Setup

Just the basics done well

I built Simplepin because there wasn’t a decent and free Pinboard client available. It’s built for the Pinboard user who appreciates a tool that does one thing well.

Powerful search

With Simplepins powerful search, finding your bookmarks is super easy

Share extension

Add new bookmarks directly from your browser with the handy share extension

Reader mode

Focus on reading without ads, floats or other distractions


Open links in external browser and enjoy split screen multitasking

Password manager

Integrates with password managers like LastPass and 1Password